Walkers and Cyclists


“Walking Peddars Way in brilliant October sunshine. We stayed at Alison’s lovely and so characterful house. Very comfortable and enjoyed the healthiest breakfast of our trip by a long way! which has set us up for our 16 mile trip today. Many thanks, and we hope to stay again in the future.”
Nigel and Juliet, Berkhampsted


 “Thank you, Alison, for a lovely stay. My first stay here was in 1984, when walking the Peddars Way, and again in 1988. It is a place where you can enjoy a quiet holiday away from the stress of everyday life.”
David H., West Midlands


“Cycled my first one hundred miles! The journey was good, but what a wonderful place to finish. Very comfortable accommodation, great food and a wonderful host. Thank you very much, Alison.” 
Des McC, London Cycling Campaign Weekend Away




“Staying at the Old Red Lion was such a pleasant experience, a place to unwind and a home far from home. Thank you, Alison for making me feel most welcome. and good luck with the chamomile lawn! I hope to come back soon!”
Anna Inniger


“Arrived here, quite by chance, and loved the tranquil, serene atmosphere of the place. A very warm, exciting place to stop and be for a while. Thank you for your hospitality and wonderful REAL food. If ever you’re in Ireland call and see us! Lots of love”  Sean and Kathy


 “Roger and I have really enjoyed staying in your lovely home. It’s been an encouragement towards all the good and valuable things of life.” 
Kirsty F.


“Wonderful atmosphere! Very special surroundings indeed. Keep it going – we all need a place like this.” 
Archie C.


 “This place shows just what can be made reality with the right ideas in mind. I am so amazed about the details which show that you care about this place. The bed was comfy, the facilities up to a very high standard and your wonderful food just excellent. I do hope that this spirit will spread – for people from the ‘ordinary’ youth hostels (like me!), it’s an example of what one can do. Thank you so much.” 


A venue to hire


“The Old Red Lion was perfect for holding our meeting.  As most of the participants were from other European countries. The meeting room is ideal for groups of up to 20.  The accommodation is ideal for groups. All in all, if you want a place to calmly and constructively discuss and arrive at conclusions then the Old Red Lion and Alison will help you to achieve your aims.” 
Clive P, East Anglia Food Link


 “Once again, the Old Red Lion proved to be an excellent place for the Theatre of Now workshop. Thanks, Alison, for caring for us in your home for three weeks.” 
Juliette, Theatre of Now


“Four generations came to celebrate a 65th birthday – 23 people between the ages of 89 and 6 months – and had a WONDERFUL TIME thanks to Alison and her friends.” 
The Spencers and the Durrants


“Thank you for providing an excellent venue for our christening party.” 
The Mallotts and Matessons


International visitors


“This has been the most inspiring, fulfilling and enjoyable three days of our four months travelling. You are a beautiful spirit Alison and we have been privileged to be able to spend such a great time with you, sharing meals, sharing wine, and sharing ideas. We have loved it all… Thank you so much for sharing your life with us and wealth of knowledge and wisdom. We are going home with so much enthusiasm to start yoga and remain vital and sharp and engaged in life. xxxx”
Vicki and Pete, Victoria, Australia


“Thank you very much, Alison, for your great hospitality during my way around the world by foot. I very appreciate it, and I wish you all best through your life and also success for your yoga club!”
Petr Majer from Czech Republic


“I enjoy your house with all interesting details and pieces of art”
Padmachitta, Stockholm, Sweden


“Thank you – a REAL experience!” 
Sandy B., Grenada, West Indies


“From the camels on the windowsill to the flowers in the bathroom and the hollyhocks in the garden, it tells a story of practical, comfortable aesthetics. Beautifully done, Alison, may it bring you, your friends and guests continuing pleasure.”
David P., South Africa


“Alison – je suis tres heureux d’avoir fait votre connaissance. Le Vieux Lion Rouge est une oasis pour les voyageurs du temps et de l’esprit. Sincerement” 
Henri B., France


“Remembering the Old Red Lion, I will think of a very unusual breakfast where I watched a yoga class while I had my coffee.” 
Ralph B, Germany


“Thank you very much for your hospitality. We really enjoyed being your guests and preparing our voluntary service at your house. 
We also enjoyed the great, peaceful surroundings with the wonderful castle. It will be difficult to get used to my new home town in Coventry.” 
Jens E, Action and Reconciliation Service for Peace Group, Poland and Germany


“This has been the first time I come here. My husband had talked to me about this pleasant place with great admiration. He told me the truth. The atmosphere, the house, the colour of the house, our breakfast, your bread and you… thank you.”
Constanza, Chile


“My body is rested, my mind is clear and my soul is calm. This is the effect of this lovely persons and this lovely place. Thanks you for all for all I have learn here. Hope I see you again.” 
Bernard P, Holland


“I almost forgot how being/eating vegan looks like. I’ve been a vegan for a few years, but that must have been 15 years ago. I then visited the vegetarians camp in Loughborough! Are you always so busy? Thank you.”
Minke K, Groningen, The Netherlands


“A very restful stay in a lovely village.” 
Richard and Geoffrey B., Eagle River, Alaska


“Castle Acre is a very nice peaceful place and I enjoyed very much the two days I stayed at the Old Red Lion. I thank you, Alison, very much for sharing your home with us and also for your warm hospitality. I hope to see you again.” 
Lidia C, Bariloche, Patagonia


“It was wonderful to enjoy this quiet and peaceful place. This ‘simple’ way of accommodation was so nice that we decided to stay one day longer than planned. Sometimes ‘simple’ is much more than simple.” 
Susanna J., Linz, Austria


“Thank you for a restful and invigorating holiday, notwithstanding the weather. Daoism: like principles and common aims.” 
Liao Hong Ying

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  1. anna inniger says:

    Staying at the Old Red Lion was such a pleasant experience, a place to unwind and a home far from home. Thank you, Alison for making me feel most welcome..and good luck with the chamomile lawn! I hope to come back soon!

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